Gentle, Safe and Effective Colon Cleansing

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any Contraindications?

Yes, colon hydrotherapy is not indicated for the following:

 • Colon Cancer • Ulcerative Colitis • GI Tract Cancer • Rectal Bleeding • Congestive Heart Failure • Uncontrolled Hypertension • History of Seizures • Carcinoma of the Rectum • Abdominal Surgery • Intestinal Perforation • Abdominal Hernia • Recent Colon/Rectal Surgery • Diverticulitis • Recent Heart Attack • General Debilitation • Vascular Aneurism • Renal Insufficiency • Epilepsy or Psychoses• Ask About Recent Surgery •

How Should I Prepare for Colon Hydrotherapy?

Clients should not eat 2-3 hours before an appointment. Please avoid any gas forming foods 2 to 3 days before a session. Typical gas forming foods include: dairy, broccoli, onions, cauliflower, kale, beans etc. Clients should drink at least 64oz. of plain water (no bubbles) per day.

Why Colon Hydrotherapy?

Many toxins accumulated in the colon from waste matter. These toxins can create imbalances in the body and may lead to weight gain and various health problems. Toxins move throughout the body and cause a slow deterioration of the body’s systems. The average American does not always include the amount of fiber necessary to promote the eliminating of toxins from the body. Factors such as: poor diet, lack of fiber and improper food combining may make maintaining a healthy colon close to impossible. Many weight challenges may be traced to imbalances in the colon and other parts of the digestive tract.

What Happens After Each Session?

After a session, many clients feel an increase in energy level and well-being. Clients may return to normal activities immediately after the session.

How Long Does Each Session Take?

Please plan to spend approximately one hour. Each session usually lasts between 35-45 minutes. Initially, we suggest clients start with a series of three sessions followed by periodic maintenance. The first three sessions enable the colon to start to eliminate waste and get back into shape.

What does Colon Hydrotherapy do?

Colon cleansing breaks down the toxic material in the colon. Through a series of treatments, debris in the colon that has built up over a long period is gently removed.

Colon cleansing starts to exercise the colon muscles that have been weakened by toxins and excess debris. The process of gently filling and emptying the colon with water improves the muscular contractions of the colon.

Colon Cleansing begins to reshape the colon over time. A series of colon cleansing sessions helps to correct areas and pockets where waste accumulates the colon is narrowed.

Can a client have a session while menstruating?

Yes, clients may have a session during this time.

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